NHS Development Corporation is a subsidiary of Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, Inc. (NHSJ).

NHSJ, our parent company provides the following services:

   First-time Homebuyer Program: Assistance to first-time homebuyers through the entire process of purchasing a home. Assist with mortgage and grant (downpayment and/or closing cost assistance)applications.

   Foreclosure Intervention Services: Counseling to homeowners at risk of facing foreclosure by communicating with lenders and servicers, in an effort to help them maintain homeownership.

   Home Maintenance Training Program: This program is designed to offer hands-on training in most phases of home repair and maintenance for homeowners. Training for Handyman Certificate Program offered in collaboration with York College Continuing School of Education.

   Home Improvement: This program provides hands on training, grants and low-cost loans for homeowners to address health and safety home repair needs.

   Construction Monitoring Services: The Construction Monitoring Department provides construction monitoring and low cost oversight for small and large home construction projects. Service designed to provide homeowners an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, especially against unscrupulous contractors. who are out to take advantage of them.

   Case Management: This program conducts a thorough needs assessment and recovery plan for individuals and families to address their unmet housing and social needs.

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